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Co-Networks brings together industrial know-how and the companies that need it. When you need detailed, accurate know-how for your specific project, or want to offer your expertise to our client companies, send us your cooperation application!

Co-Engineering specialises in choosing the right people and teams, with the right industrial experience, to meet the industry’s needs. We have an extensive international network of customers and subcontractors which we have grown and developed over many years. Industrial companies are continuously growing and making their operations more and more effective and sustainable.Technology and business are changing fast, and the need for special know-how is growing along with it.

That’s why we want to offer our client companies an easy and flexible way to find the right people and teams, with the right kind of competence, using our digital Co-Networks service. Co-Networks is always at your disposal. You can submit a cooperation application at any time – exactly when it suits you.

Our customers are companies at the forefront of their industries. They bring us fascinating projects and engage in long-term cooperation with us. We focus on listening to what a company really needs, so that we can offer exactly the right subcontractor for the job. We find companies new experts all the time, for a diverse range of duties that require special know-how, ranging from designers and specialists to on-site workers.

Our subcontractors are top workers and professionals in their fields and have wide-ranging experience in projects relating to, for example, the energy and process industries, and electrical and automation engineering. We are always looking for new subcontractors, because our customers always need new workers and professionals. Through our network, our subcontractors get easy access to new and fascinating projects. It may take just one project to get you started on a long, mutually rewarding collaboration.

We believe that by bringing together the right know-how and the right people, we can contribute to promoting the development of the entire sector. By working together, we can achieve a lot more than we do alone.

The first step is easy. Send us your details, using one of the forms below, and we will contact you once we find the right person or team for your project, or once your particular skill set meets the needs of one of our client companies.

Do you need new know-how? Submit a Co-Resources query for resources here!

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