Do you need special know-how or a reliable skilled worker or professional for your project?

Co-Networks makes it easy to find the right competence, leaving you and the people in your company free to focus on what you do best. We will help you find the right individual (or a whole team!) with detailed, accurate know-how that will complement your company’s expertise.

Feel free to submit a query for resources at any time. We constantly meet and interview new individuals to ensure that we are able to offer our customers new expertise and people with specific skills for different industries. We specialise in projects in the energy and process industries, and electrical and automation engineering, but our subcontractors’ broad expertise spans across sector boundaries.

Determining what kind of expertise you need is not always easy. With more than 10 years of experience in bringing together various types of industrial know-how and the companies that need it, we have built an extensive, diverse and reliable network of experts. We focus on listening to what a company really needs, so that we can offer exactly the right skilled hands and minds – even a whole team – for the job.

Our carefully chosen experts have experience, training and the right attitude. We choose workers and professionals who have accumulated their industry-specific know-how in multiple positions. Their experience of design software, manufacturing processes and companies’ operations models, in addition to their solid professional competences, create the kind of results that make our professionals highly sought-after. You will have a great partner at your disposal who knows the specific characteristics of your industry and is able to plan and perform their duties successfully.

Tell us about your challenges and we will help you solve them by finding you the right experts for the job!