Industrial companies are always looking for new know-how and efficient, skilled workers and professionals. Are you one of them? Sign up for our Co-Networks network of subcontractors!

Co-Networks will help you to easily find work in projects run by our network of renowned customers. We can connect you with a company that needs your know-how. It will leave you free to focus on what you do best, while we take care of the recruitment process and administrative coordination of the collaboration.

We have an expansive, international network of customers. Our customers are pioneering and growing companies with whom we have collaborated for a long time and who engage in fascinating new projects. We offer companies new subcontractors all the time for a diverse range of tasks, from designers and specialists to on-site workers. Our carefully chosen subcontractors are known for their competence, excellent quality of work and right attitude. That’s why our customers trust us.

You can sign up to join Co-Networks whenever you want. We are always looking for new subcontractors, because our customers always need new skilled workers, professionals and know-how for their operations. We specialise in assignments in the energy and process industries, and electrical and automation engineering, but our customers also often need know-how that spans across sector boundaries.

We offer our subcontractors interesting, multi-professional work that provides them the opportunity to keep learning new things, while working in both long and short-term projects for leading companies in their fields. It may take just one assignment to get you started on a long, rewarding collaboration.

Tell us about your know-how and we will contact you when one of our client companies needs your special skill set!