Active Talent Acquisition Boosts Co-Engineering’s Growth


Alexandra Kymäläinen is pleased with the outcomes of her first months as Co-Engineering’s Head of Talent, a role she started in July.

—Co-Engineering’s talent acquisition is fast-paced. It thrills me to see how our skills in finding the best-suited individuals for each team already generate growth for the company. We know our customers’ organizations inside out; we’ve walked in their shoes and understand their needs. Leveraging that industry experience makes our recruiting very effective. As a result, several engineering consultants have joined the company in the past months and now work at customer sites in Finland and abroad. We are a very active team, which shows in Co-Engineering’s steady growth.

Co-Engineering Expands in Finland and Sweden

Kymäläinen works closely with Emma Vintefjell, Co-Engineering’s Country Manager in Sweden.

— Emma and I work on Co-Engineering’s Employer Branding and have gotten off to a great start. Our message is clear: the well-being of our people always comes first. Delivering on those values in a growing organization means ensuring they permeate through company policies and workplace culture, Kymäläinen says.

Emma Co E3

According to Vintefjell, job candidates in Sweden seek similar things as job seekers in Finland: employee policies and leadership that support work-life balance and well-being, as well as flexibility in work tasks and location.

—Our key customers have significant resource needs in Sweden, so there’s a strong business case for Co-Engineering’s growth in the Swedish market. I work with Alexandra and the Finnish Engineering Managers to recruit talented engineers in Sweden. We believe it’s essential for Co-Engineering to grow as one organization. To that end, we work to unify operational procedures and build strong collaboration between the teams in Finland and Sweden. Straddling both markets strengthens our offering for customers and candidates – everybody wins, says Vintefjell.

An Active Work Community Drives Motivation

—A lot goes on in everyday life at Co-Engineering. We focus on moving employees and the company forward; that’s one of our strengths. We don’t dwell on things, and we put words into action. It is highly motivating, Kymäläinen says.

A recent employee survey revealed that employees value Co-Engineering’s workplace atmosphere. What factors contribute to a good atmosphere at work, according to Kymäläinen?

— Many factors impact the formation of a good atmosphere. When employees are excited about their work, that is contagious and results in a continuum of positivity. Having all hygiene factors in place and meeting the employees’ basic needs lets them focus on things that matter and motivates them. However, I believe the most important contributors to a good atmosphere are authenticity and genuinely caring about the people you work with.



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