Co-Engineering has launched their growth strategy as planned!

Co-Engineering announced their growth strategy for the next five years in a press release 10.3.2022. The growth strategy aims to triple their business and the first step of the strategy is to recruit more talents to Co-Engineering’s management team. The development positive management team targets on finding a group of talents who will eagerly push towards goals and enjoy developing and encountering people.

We will gather a team where everybody appreciates other’s work

Co-Engineering will recruit nearly 150 new and ambitious professionals during the five-year-period. Because of this Co-Engineering will hire a Head of Talent, which is a new position in the organization. The Head of Talent is responsible for the development of the company’s recruitment processes. In addition, he or she will take part in developing well-being at work, so the company will be more capable of supporting and motivating the personnel on every step on their career paths.

– The motivation and skills of the personnel are in a significant role in the functioning of the company. As a member of the management team the Head of Talent will have an influence on our employer brand and on the comprehensive development of our personnel. The field of work is full of possibilities. We aim to create a new organization in which everybody enjoys teamwork and works together for a common goal. A flexible teamwork between different talents is the key for great results. We believe that by appreciating other’s work and skills we can create a competitive edge and development, which is hard to copy. That is why gathering the right set of professionals is especially important to us, Sami Kivioja, the CEO of Co-Engineering says.

Recruitment of managers has started in Vaasa and Helsinki

Co-Engineering is also recruiting managers for their office in Helsinki and for the headquarters in Vaasa. These positions are new in the organization. The applicants should have a good planning skills and interest towards sales and customer service. Ability to lead personnel and having an entrepreneur like attitude towards the work are also important attributes.

In an agile organization the role of the managers is not completely about sales, but they also have a possibility to have an influence on the development of the whole business and to improve the well-being of the personnel. The managers will collaborate with the company’s professionals and customers daily.

– Both managers will get freedom and responsibility to carry out their tasks. We appreciate our personnel and customers, and we use a lot of time on people and for one-to-one conversations with both our personnel and customers. We want to treat everybody equally and we give out positive vibes in all our actions. Everyone working in our organization has a meaningful and important role in creating a positive working environment.

The recruitments are in progress and the choices will be made during April and May. Could you be the right fit to the Co-Engineering’s future dream team? Contact Sami right away!

Sami Kivioja Tel: +35850 441 6210

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