Co-Engineering Receives Future Workplaces 2022 Certification

 Co-Engineering conducted the Siqni employee survey in the fall of 2022. The survey allows employees to list the things they find most meaningful at a workplace and to evaluate how these meaningful factors are fulfilled in their everyday work life. Based on employee feedback, Co-Engineering received an excellent score on the survey and earned Future Workplaces 2022 certification.

Survey lists the things that are most important to our employees specifically

In the Siqni employee survey, the questions and the desired results are not based on external parties’ or management’s views of what is most important when it comes to workplace wellbeing. Instead, Siqni allows employees to define the most meaningful things themselves. Employees also get to evaluate how well these things are actualized in the workplace, the work environment and in their personal work tasks.

The answers are scored based on how well the meaningful factors are fulfilled in the respondent’s current workplace. If the average score is over 80 points, the survey concludes that the company has succeeded in providing the kind of employee experience that lives up to the employees’ hopes and expectations related to things that are most meaningful to them.

All companies reaching over 80 points are awarded Future Workplaces 2022 certification. Co-Engineering has conducted the survey twice before, with the previous one conducted in 2020. At the time, the company’s score was just under 80 points. The score this year indicates that Co-Engineering has taken the right steps in developing their operations.

A Pleasant Atmosphere in the Workplace Is One of the Most Important Factors

According to the survey, the most meaningful factors that have been fulfilled at Co-Engineering are a pleasant work atmosphere, varying work tasks and flexibility. Reaching a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace in particular is a special achievement for an employer from many different perspectives. A pleasant work atmosphere has an impact on everyday life, on choosing a workplace and on employee engagement.

— The results are particularly delightful because a good atmosphere is not something you can pick up from the supermarket – it is built from many different elements. A good atmosphere results in a whole circle of good - when you are treated well, you have the desire to treat others well.

People have an impact on atmosphere, but there are several things that companies can do to further the formation of a pleasant atmosphere.

— It is the management’s job to minimize any imponderables and to make sure that all basics are in order today and tomorrow. Once we succeed in this, employees can fully focus on their work. This is something we feel it is imporant to take care of, says Co-Engineering’s Head of Talent Alexandra Kymäläinen.

The survey’s responses also revealed that at Co-Engineering, employees value varying work tasks, the opportunity to work remotely and the flexibility in combining work and personal life. Employees felt that their hopes and thoughts are taken into consideration. Concrete benefits included Epassi benefits, maintenance of work ability and quick rewards for a job well done.

Excellent employee experience is achieved through concrete actions

Co-Engineering aims for a long-lasting, excellent employee experience that is achieved through concrete actions. The development consistently moves forward towards the end goal through planning, scheduling and executing.

— We will closely analyze the results, create a development strategy and start executing it according to schedule. We already know that next year, we will put more emphasis on development discussions and career path development. We have heard our employees - now it’s our turn to take action.


Personnel in 2022: 94 people
Amount of respondents in 2022: 67 respondents

Top 3 most meaningful things Co-Engineering has succeeded in:

• Atmosphere in the workplace
• Varying work tasks
• Flexibility (remote work, time-off requests and listening to employees)

Development goals in 2023

• Creating a career path model
• More emphasis on development discussions

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