The first member for the Co-Engineering’s Dream Team has been found

Alexandra Kymäläinen has been chosen to the role of Head of Talent at Co-Engineering. She will be responsible for the recruitment process related to the company’s growth strategy and development of the workplace wellbeing. Head of Talent will work as a part of Co-Engineering’s management group. Kymäläinen will start working in her new role on the 20th of June 2022.

– I am excited to start in this position because this role combines aspects from which I have gathered strong practical knowledge and earlier experience. Working in recruitment means that I can help people proceed on their career path. It is a privilege to be able to have an impact on the actualization of the company’s growth strategy and to be a part of this amazing group, says Kymäläinen.

Multitalented and able to apply earlier knowledge

Co-Engineering aims for creating an organization where teamwork is strongly valued. That is why they will choose people who have versatile and different work experience between each other. Applicable education supports the practical knowledge and skills of the people to be chosen to the team. As an addition they should also have passion and enthusiasm towards their work and a desire to success together. Kymäläinen is an exact match to this description.

Kymäläinen has had an eventful career already. She has couple of degrees, versatile work experience and she has spent years working abroad. She moved to the HR field in 2009 and during the past years she has worked in recruitment, training, and headhunting. In her latest position she was responsible for recruiting experts and standardization of recruitment processes in a global company.

– I hope that my background and example will encourage others to make decisions which support their interests in work life. Versatile work experience is a blessing, and it will always broaden the expert’s point of view.

You must find out what motivate and interest experts

– It is great to be able to help people to find out the things in which they are good! When employees’ skills, motivation and interests are a match with the company’s working culture there is a high possibility for both sides to success in the recruitment. Good listening skills come in handy in this position.

And listening is something Kymäläinen has done a lot. She has acquired two different degrees in health care, and she has worked in these positions for several years. As an addition she has been in positions of responsibility, where she has led projects and worked as a supervisor. When asked about her strengths, she can tell them in a blink of an eye.

– I have received positive feedback about my listening skills. I can also identify the things which are important for a person in their life as well as in work life. This is how I can match the applicant with the best possible role. I have been delighted to learn that I have been seen as a safe person who makes everybody around her thrive.

Kymäläinen will start her new work from getting to know the personnel of Co-Engineering, customers, and goals. There is plenty to do but that does not bother her. The field of engineering is dear for Kymäläinen and she sees the responsibility as a positive thing.

– When I work, I will proceed steadily by being systematic and purposeful. When someone gives me a task, I will certainly do it.
Kymäläinen lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area, and she will mainly work from there. She will visit the offices in Vaasa and Tampere regularly. As a mother of two grown-up children, she is ready to give what it takes to be successful in her new work.

Alexandra CoE
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