The new member of Co-Engineering's board builds sustainable and profitable companies

A new member has been appointed to Co-Engineering's board, Kari Liuska (B.Sc., M.Sc.) Liuska's expertise is in the IT world, where he has worked in various roles for over 20 years. Liuska brings to Co-Engineering's board solid experience in selling complete solutions that require engineering know-how. Liuska's area of expertise also includes profitable development and growth of business and organizational processes.

— Building and growing a sustainable and also a profitable business is meaningful work for me. When this is done well, people within the companies can flourish and success begins to show. However, the leap into a bigger business requires well-considered and properly timed measures in the company's internal operations. From experience, I can tell what kind of organization works in any situation, Liuska says.

In 1999, Liuska founded the software company WTS Wireless Technology Systems, which he later sold in 2003 to the listed company Tieto X now known as Ixonos. Liuska remained with Tieto X as business director. In 2013, he became the CEO of Espotel Oy, which was sold to the listed company Etteplan in 2016. Since 2020, Liuska has worked as the CEO of Tana Oy, a developer of solutions related to smart waste management.

The board has the opportunity to influence the company's growth

—I accepted the board position because I strongly believe that Co-Engineering's future goals are achievable. The presence of a capital investor gives the company the courage to move more freely and enables the company to grow to the next size category. When the CEO is a former principal owner who has had the ability, attitude and experience, the starting point is very good. The company also has an extensive base of core clientele.

In the new board, Liuska sees an opportunity to share his knowledge not only on the details related to growth, but also on issues related to sales, market and customer behaviour, and pricing. He also sees an opportunity for his own learning in board work.

—Personally, it is meaningful to me that part of the company's work is aimed specifically at the green energy solutions of the future, and that the values and methods of operation of the people involved are compatible with my own values. By working together, we succeed and learn more ourselves.

The content of the work and positive influencing brings success

When the recruitment market is hot, many companies are contemplating how to engage staff. According to Liuska's experience, in healthy growth companies, employees should be engaged through good managerial work and meaningfulness of the work. According to him, people should be able to influence the content of their own work. In management, he values positive influencing.

— When people are believed in and praised, they start to believe in themselves and their abilities. They then develop into excellent employees. The time of authoritarian leadership is over. The current generation wants constructive feedback that allows them to improve.

The investment company Juuri Partners redeemed 45% of Co-Engineering's shares in the spring of 2022, with which Co-Engineering's new growth strategy aims to triple the turnover by 2025.

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