Digital Twin

Do you need a partner to help you make use of digitalisation?

We will help your company take advantage of digital twins in the planning and development of production lines, product development, sales, after-sales services and software testing.
A digital twin is a simulation model created of a machine or production line, whose use and operation the model describes in real time. These simulation models are used to make production, product development and design more effective, because they allow various solutions to be tested virtually beforehand. Simulation models are also used as sales tools to demonstrate new technology to customers.

We use digital twins to test the functionality of your machine’s mechanics, electrical operation, automation and software. We create realistic simulations of individual parts of machines and products to ensure and illustrate their practicality. We also simulate more extensive systems or processes so that their operation can be predicted in real time.
With digital twins, we make the design and testing of the features of large industrial machines and production lines, such as hydraulics, mechanics and automation, much more cost-effective.

This is because a digital twin allows us to discover potential problems early, during the virtual simulation. Your existing production line can work undisturbed, while a suitable solution is found.
In research and development, a digital twin will help you collect valuable information about user experience right at the beginning of the product development process. Investment risks are reduced, because the investment decision can be made once the feasibility of the new solution has been verified. The product development lead time becomes shorter, resulting in considerable cost savings.

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