Engineering design services

Our extensive experience in engineering design, commissioning and testing, combined with our know-how of numerous suppliers’ products and the latest technologies, give us a clear advantage in designing the best solutions for your project. Our customers make good use of our know-how in a range of tasks, from individual engineering design tasks to large investment projects.

We specialise in designing electrical wiring and mechanics for industrial use and substations. Designing, configuring and running commissioning tests on relay protection is also one of our key competences. Our area of expertise covers engineering design ranging from low voltage at below 1000V to high voltage at more than 100kV. We pay special attention to the provisions of the Electrical Safety Act and related standards in our design processes. This way we can guarantee that the design object will work correctly and safely once completed. We also perform automation and instrumentation design for various industries, as well as electrical wiring design for buildings.

Based on our extensive experience, we know the work encompasses a great deal more than designing the item the customer has presented. Excellent solutions require that the customer and design engineer work together to solve the customer’s problem. Sometimes the object of design is very far outside the customer’s own area of expertise. That’s why discussing it at a very early stage – for example, before a call for tenders – can be a crucial factor in carrying out the design work in the smartest possible way.

We use a comprehensive, smart design system to implement both small and large projects. The system allows us to run various databases in the background. The design work can also be carried out using AutoCAD software. We always document the material for the design work according to the customer’s wishes.

A crucial part of engineering design is to have expertise outside your own core area available, or to know where to find it. Our design engineers and experts have an enormous amount of expertise and hands-on experience from many different industries. By having professionals across different industries consult each other, we are able to capitalise on the potential of our experts in a way that best serves our customer.

We engage in continuous collaboration with many of our customers. Thanks to this continuous cooperation, both our and our customer’s level of competence keeps growing, information sharing brings us both added value and both our modes of operation and interfaces become clear. In the long run, this will increase efficiency at work and offer better practical design solutions.

We can provide you with design engineers for both short and long periods. The design engineer can work in the customer’s or our own premises according to your needs. We will sit down with you to discuss a solution that will bring the best possible design results.


Our design know-how:

Electrical wiring design For various industrial sectors such as the paper and chemical pulp industry, substations, industrial plants and marine projects. Our area of design expertise covers low voltage at below 1000V, medium voltage at below 66kV and high voltage above 66kV.
Relay protection Design of relay protection, inspection of the operation of relays from the point of view of meeting the protection requirements. Relay testing and commissioning tests.
Automation design We are experts in designing various automation systems. We offer control room design, software design of programmable logic controllers, and plant and process automation. We also design engine and power plant automation.
Instrumentation design Electrical wiring design, for example, of power plant valves, sensors and measurement points.
Mechanical and cable tray design Encompasses cable tray design, terminal boards, layout and earthing arrangements in the electricity distribution sector. We offer cable tray design also for other industries. We perform our design work in a 3D environment and in close cooperation with a process designer.
Electrical wiring and lighting design for industrial buildings Focusing, for example, on industrial facilities, substations, energy distribution, paper and pulp mills.