Expert services in power systems

Expert work is comparable to design work, but it is performed within projects that differ from conventional design projects and require a very particular type of special know-how. Although many of our clients are large companies, they may not necessarily have the expertise they need in-house, or they prefer to direct their resources to other projects. That’s when they call in an external expert who knows their industry and is able to apply data to solve their challenges and ensure a successful outcome.

Our strength is our extensive know-how of electrical engineering. We employ dozens of engineers, all university graduates in technology and engineering, who specialise in different areas of expertise and whom we consult as necessary to access the information and know-how we need. Additionally, we have a large network of external experts at hand whom we consult as needed for their know-how in other special fields or issues.

We are specialized in simulations related to power systems and to grid code specifications for power generating facilities (VJV). We also offer consultancy services in matters relating to power quality. We specialise in particular in the simulations and VJV compliance processes of wind power and hydroelectric power stations. We are able to perform all VJV-compliant simulations for power plants, gather all data for VJV compliance process and carry out the necessary VJV measurements. We can also create a dynamic model for power plants based on control charts.

For the electrical power network, we perform, for example, load flow, loss and short-circuit calculations. We use Siemens PTI’s PSS/E simulation software for dynamic simulations.
Documentation is a key segment of our expert services. Expert work typically generates data that is collated and stored according to the client’s wishes, so that it can be utilised again in future. We produce reports in English of all our simulations and calculations.

We don’t shy away from challenges, which is why we have accumulated both information and good practises for collecting and applying data.

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