Machine safety services

We help our machine manufacturer customers meet the requirements of the EU Machinery Directive, as well as customers who are modernising a machine, machine combination or production line.

It is our principle to take comprehensive responsibility for the CE marking process according to the customer’s needs. A machine’s safety features are determined already at the design phase, but continuous monitoring to ensure the machine’s safe and trouble-free operation is needed at all the stages of its life cycle.

We help our customers to draw up the machine safety documents required for the CE marking and to implement the necessary safety precautions.

Our services include:
· risk assessment
· measures to reduce risks
· documenting residual risks
· operating and service instructions
· safety markings
· compiling the manufacturer’s technical construction file
· declarations of conformity
· creation of rating plates
· modernisation of machines to ensure safety
· safety of automation and control systems
· safety automation
· risk assessment of cobots (i.e. cooperation robots)

Risk assessment is necessary when you want to improve the productivity, safety or ease of maintenance of a machine or a combination of machines, or their suitability for manufacturing new products. The purpose of risk assessment is to remove risk factors and to reduce safety hazards. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure that machines and machine combinations are safe to use, especially when any changes occur and always when:

· a new machine is installed on a production line or added to a machine combination
· any changes are made to a machine combination or production line
· the purpose for which the machine is used changes from that intended by the manufacturer
· a machine is moved to a new place
· an old machine is put into operation again
· a new machine is released onto the market.
We have more than a decade of experience in carrying out risk assessments, and our company’s strong automation and robotics expertise will give you a significant advantage.

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