We design electrical wiring and automation systems for the processing and energy industries, and also electricity production and distribution companies. Our engineering design expertise also puts us in an excellent position to handle the commissioning of systems and to offer maintenance services.

We specialise in the maintenance of electrical and automation systems and the upkeep of wind power production machinery and electrical switchboards. Our expertise covers the maintenance of a wide range of systems from wind turbines to substations and the automation systems of production plants. We are a System Integrator partner to ABB – meaning that we have ABB’s full product support.

The success of our maintenance, fault and other repairs is measured by our ability to anticipate problems and get the system running again as quickly as possible. Both require expertise and experience. Successful maintenance means minimal downtime in your processes. A professional has to know when repairs are needed to ensure they are done in time. The person carrying out fault and other repairs must have an excellent understanding of the system as a whole and extensive knowledge of various brands. Only then will they be able to find all the problems relating to the fault, as well as any broken components at the same time. To be able to repair new systems, they also have to understand how the old ones work.

Maintenance and repairs are services where the employee’s skills play a crucial role. That’s why we have taken significant steps to ensure that our employees have years of experience in different production plants and with different brands. They also have to be able to find the problem without a manual and to see the big picture of how the production plant or machine functions.

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