Power quality services

UP-2210 and the Unilyzer series

In collaboration with the Swedish company Unipower, we offer power quality meters. The special feature of the Unilyzer series is their ability to measure quality continuously. Measuring results gained over a number of years are useful for easily detecting trends, such as increased flickering or a change in harmonic waves. The measuring unit also functions as a fault recorder.

PQ Secure for analysing results

In addition to the meters, the unit includes PQ Secure software, which is excellent for analysing results. The measurement results are stored in a database, from which the software retrieves the results according to a user-specified time schedule. The software quickly generates graphs and diagrams of the results according to a user-specified configuration.
The measuring system can be built in the way you choose. The unit can be assembled by combining, for example, a black box solution that includes one measuring unit and stores measurements with the Scada system that consists of many integrated meters.

Reports for analysis
The analysis software automatically produces reports at a user-specified frequency, making sure any problems occurring in the network can be quickly spotted. The reports can be customised to your needs or you can use parameters that are in accordance with general standards.

We also offer portable meters from which the results can be easily stored in a database that makes the results immediately available for use and inspection. The results can be easily compared to the results of fixed meters.

As your partner, we will be your channel for Unipower’s services and devices, act as a representative and offer you technical support in matters relating both to technical issues with the equipment and analysing the measuring results. You can find more information about Unipower here.

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