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Co-Engineering offers you the most experienced professionals regarding design, building, commissioning and maintenance services of wind farms. We have extensive experience and know-how which covers even the tiniest details in designing and building wind farms.

Our special talent is our flexible way of working in the busiest projects as well as our ability to adapt and solve complex challenges related to the production and distribution of electricity. Our experts perform meticulous basic design and our goal is to offer the best possible support for the customer in every step of the project. Co-Engineering’s wind power services prolong from the building phase also to commissioning and maintenance services.

Design of wind farms

Our design work is based on our extensive know-how on different fields of wind power. We execute our design work cooperating with the customer and by utilizing our vast and smart design systems. We are experts in electrical wiring design, relay protection design, automation design, mechanical design and electrical wiring and lighting design for industrial buildings.

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Expert services in power systems for designing and building wind turbines

We are specialized in simulations related to power systems and to grid code specifications for power generating facilities (VJV). We are able to perform all VJV-compliant simulations for wind power plants, gather all data for VJV compliance process and carry out the necessary VJV measurements. Our strength is our extensive know-how of electrical engineering because we employ dozens of professionals who specialize in different areas of expertise.

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Commissioning and maintenance services

We use our most experienced professionals in commissioning wind power plants. Our services cover installation supervision and inspections, relay testing, commissioning high and medium voltage systems, commissioning low voltage systems, commissioning automation systems and training. Our vast commissioning process guarantees a turnkey kind of solution for our customers.

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After the commissioning, our expertise reaches its highest point in the maintenance services. We specialize in the upkeep of wind power production machinery and electrical switchboards. Our expertise covers the maintenance of a wide range of systems from wind turbines to substations and the automation systems of wind power plants. In other words, we take care of the power plants maintenance, fault repairs and other necessary repairs from behalf of our customers.

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