About us

Having the right man or woman for the job means that the person is outstandingly suited for a particular job or task. Every company is looking for contractors like this, because all the pieces in the competence puzzle must click together perfectly for the business to be profitable.

Our most important task is to listen and understand what kinds of results the customer expects from the work the contratcor or contractors are needed for.
The contractors must also understand these expectations and requirements. Our services are all about aligning the right competence with the customer’s needs to ensure that the desired results are achieved effectively and according to the customer’s expectations. That’s why we sell skills and competence, not faceless or nameless workers.

Our key persons have years of experience in standing in the customer’s shoes in engineering design, fieldwork and recruitment tasks in global companies. That’s why we understand the importance of various professionals from the customer’s point of view. Having the right man or woman for the job means recruitment for a clearly defined purpose. It means that the customer’s requirements for expertise and experience are met in the qualities of the contractor.

We know the job descriptions and titles large organisations have and what practical competence and experience these positions require. A junior design engineer cannot perform the duties of an expert, or vice versa. Everything must be just right to achieve the best possible motivation, pay and results from the work.
If you are one of those people who value results, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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